Student Voice

Modbury School P-7 has a strong commitment to developing authentic Student Voice. Class representatives, two from each class make up what is known as ‘Wakwakurnas’ (which means ‘kids’ in Kaurna)


Wakwakurnas create opportunities for students to come together and make decisions. They communicate the thoughts and opinions of their peers which improves our school community.


Wakwakurna Executives

The Student Executives lead four working parties which focus on the following:

  • Education: The Education committee helps students thrive in learning situations, students look at ways to make learning challenging for everyone
  • Marketing: The Marketing committee organises public and school events and looks at ways to showcase our school and student learning
  • Environmental: The Environmental committee is responsible for connecting us to the outside world, in particular developing Nature Play at our school
  • Sports: The Sports committee organises lunch time activities to support students wellbeing and also looks at Sports' Day events along with any other extra-curricular sporting events



Student Voice is an important aspect to the daily running of classrooms where they:

  • Design and discuss what they learn, how they learn and their learning environment
  • Give and receive feedback from peers and teachers to challenge their thinking and learning
  • Run class meetings and identify areas that can be discussed at a whole school level at Wakwakurna meetings
  • Create small group opportunities where Aboriginal and English as an Additional Language or Dialect children have opportunities to share their connection to country and culture