Specialist Approaches

At Modbury School P-7 we offer a range of different programs and approaches that value and support the social, emotional and academic success of all students.



The experiences in this learning area provide opportunities for students to deepen their understanding and connections to other languages and cultures.

  •  Kaurna is offered in Reception
  • Japanese is offered from Years 1 to 7

Learning is created in a way where students can integrate vocabulary they have learnt into different curriculum areas such as P.E. and Technologies. We hear our students of all ages are use languages to communicate daily greetings and requests incidentally throughout the day, allowing them to use conversational skills in context.

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

At Modbury School P-7 our students are  leaders of innovation and change in the future. As such, children ask questions, investigate scenarios and solve problems using techniques that engage critical and creative thinking in a collaborative environment.


We create STEM learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom, with specialised teaching support and lunchtime activities. Students experience real world problem solving through design thinking and inquiry processes with a range of hands on experiences including robotics and 3D printing and modelling. 


Our School received $1 million from the State Government which helped us create an exciting STEM learning space for students.

Our facility, challenges our students to prepares them for the future in a wide range of industries.




We seek to develop a specific set of skills known as Executive Functions. These skills enable students to:


  • Gain and maintain control of their own thoughts, actions and emotions
  • Create and change plans as needed to finish work on time
  • Help students manage small problems and cope with distractions
  • Develop and use constructive language to connect with others
  • Show empathy, gratitude and kindness


It is expected that the development of these skillsets are embedded into students’ everyday lives. Parent and school partnerships play an important role in the development of these skills. If you would more information, please contact the school.


See Part 2 here and Part 3 here.


Literacy and Numeracy Support R-7

We create targeted intervention and extension programs for students on an individual, small group and whole class basis. Specialist teachers create individual goals and differentiate learning, resulting in intellectual challenge that is developmentally appropriate for each child. This leads to improved educational outcomes and wellbeing for all students.


EALD - English as an Additional Language or Dialect

EALD students qualify for additional funding through DfE which is resourced through an EALD teacher. This is provided through a specialist teaching role with a focus on oral language, writing skills, grammar and punctuation. Students set themselves challenges based upon their individual needs.